Jibneh has a dynamic flavor. Growing up, I can recall eating Jibneh with watermelon and cantaloupe in the summertime. The taste was refreshing and the fruit complimented the firm, salty and nutty flavor of the Jibneh. For lunch, I would spread apricot jelly on a pita and top it with slices of Jibneh for a sweet and salty bite. Jibneh pairs perfectly with sliced tomato and cucumbers in a sandwich or on your favorite bagel. My favorite, and I know soon it will be yours, is Jibneh nestled between pita or on top of sliced french bread toasted in the oven until it is melted, warm and gooey. To add another layer of flavor to Jibneh, sprinkle dried mint and Aleppo pepper on your sandwich before popping it into the oven. The combination of spices adds freshness and depth to melted Jibneh and bread. What will be your favorite pairing?

*Photos by Robin & Sue, Food Photography and Styling